Top 5 Hottest Lighting Trends for 2015


Summer is just around the corner, and so to is the season for relaxing afternoon barbecues, hosted sunday brunches and sultry soirees which means, not only is your home about to become more crowded, it’s about to become a showcase. Your home should be warm, inviting, and above all, a reflection of who you are, and the best way to accomplish that is by ensuring the lighting in your home is optimal. So if your sitting room is looking a bit drab, or your dining room a bit cave-like, it’s time to brighten things up with these fabulous top 5 hottest lighting trends for 2015:

LED Lighting

In actuality, LED lighting is proving to be more than a trend, it is the clear path IMG_2731to energy efficiency, dramatically reduced power bills and an attractive and versatile aesthetic that lighting designers the world over, are embracing. LED lighting may seem to cost a bit more upfront, however, the savings more than make up for it. An added benefit for those who want to enhance their fine art is that LED lighting brings out the true colours of your piece. Further more, products like our OPTIMA™LED, don’t produce harmful ultra violet or infrared rays, nor do they produce any projected heat which keeps your beloved art safe and beautifully displayed.

Accent Lighting in Drawers and Cabinets

This can have both a practical and aesthetic application. How many times have you gone rooting around in that junk drawer and couldn’t find what you were looking for even if it had a giant target on it? Enhance the inside of kitchen drawers, deep filing cabinets or anywhere else you need by shining a little light on the situation.

Copper Toned Light Fixtures

Copper has long been thought to be associated with “old” or “antiquated”, not anymore. From rustic outdoor accent lighting and elegant chandeliers to delicate pendant lighting, and of course, sophisticated picture lighting. Copper tones, whether brushed or metallic, can add a great deal of warmth and modernity to any room, so be sure to incorporate it into your lighting design for 2015.

Modern Design Blog: Contemporary Chandeliers ShineThe Chandelier

Like everything, lighting design trends have come full circle. One of the top lighting trends for 2015 is the chandelier. The chandelier has gone through a dramatic facelift over the past year. At times garish and overly-elaborate, donning the dining rooms of the wealthy, the ‘mini’ chandelier has gone contemporary-meets-traditional and is fast becoming the most sought-after show piece from modest studio apartments to uber corporate offices.

Picture Lighting

Whether it’s a collection of fine art, or your own personal gallery of epic travel photos, art is a conversation starter and it should not be neglected. Picture lighting is one of the top 5 lighting trends in 2015 because art owners are finally beginning to appreciate that the right lighting brings ambiance and value to your art, it brings life to your art!