The great galleries, museums, and auction houses spend much time and money on lighting as fine artwork demands proper lighting.

We have been lighting artwork in galleries and museums as well as private homes for two decades. From that experience, we have developed a lighting system that can bring the highest quality lighting into diverse settings – country houses, city apartments, and stately homes – as well as museums and galleries.

Houses and apartments serve primarily as living spaces. Displaying and conserving artwork is not a primary objective. Lighting for artwork should blend into residential architecture and décor, and residential architecture and decor limit alternatives for electrical power.

Traditional picture lights do not light paintings well. Often, they light pictures unevenly, add a colour cast, muddy the colours, or illuminate details poorly. Many picture lights fail to light the full length or width of a canvas. Bulbs may be harsh or they may distort colours. A painting that looked beautiful in an auction house or dealer’s gallery will disappoint if lit poorly at home or if hung in the wrong location to accommodate the available electrical supply.

Our lighting products make it possible to hang and light your artwork to a standard that exceeds those attained in the great galleries and museums. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, our products require little maintenance and use little energy.

Our unique products include:

POWERAIL™ Hanging and Lighting System
OPTIMA™ LED Picture Light
OPTIMA™ SPOT Artwork Spotlight

If you have any questions or would like further information about any of our products or services please contact us.

We are delighted with the service and quality of product from RAYLIGHT. They have brought our art to life.

Private Art Collector, London