Bringing light to life and life to art


RAYLIGHT creates distinctive lighting design of the highest quality to compliment architecture and decor. We have installed lighting for renowned art collections in stately homes and museums, and have developed unique components for lighting artwork that surpass those commercially available. Although we have much experience in lighting for artwork, we have also lit homes, offices, and hotels. Independence from specific manufacturers allows us to select the most appropriate components for each situation. We collaborate with architects, interior designers, and sometimes other lighting designers to satisfy clients’ needs and realise their visions.

Richard Youldon had many years of experience as a managing director in manufacturing firms before he entered the lighting industry more than two decades ago. His understanding of design and manufacturing techniques has enabled RAYLIGHT to design superior lighting components and to produce them with extremely high quality.

Gail Youldon has a graduate degree in Light and Lighting, which facilitates the tailoring of lighting to meet architectural challenges and to take advantage of architectural strengths.

From the beginning, we have been passionate about lighting fine art well. An early project at the Foundling Museum in London prompted us to design POWERAIL™, a system for distributing low-voltage power unobtrusively to lights mounted on picture frames. Several museums are now using POWERAIL™.

To overcome deficiencies in the picture lights that were commercially available, we developed two series of LED picture lights and spotlights that provide superior lighting for paintings and sculpture. These components are in use at Kenwood House, Kensington Palace, and Hampton Court Palace and many private locations.

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